FAST, ACCURATE, LOW-COST Pulmonary Testing for All

Spirometry remains the clinical standard in diagnosing Asthma and COPD, but hard to conduct as it requires patient training by a trained technician. This makes spirometry hard to conduct accurately. 


As a result, spirometry is impossible for many (e.g. children and seniors), very expensive due to technician costs and under-used.  In fact, many patients simply avoid spirometry, creating health risks due to delayed care.

PulmoScan eliminates the complexity of spirometry, allowing a hassle-free, accurate and fast diagnostic test. 

PulmoScan can conduct accurate and low-cost lung testing nearly anywhere, with no patient effort or special technicians. 

PulmoScan is

PulmoScan is based on Cognita Labs proprietary technology that reduces cost without sacrificing accuracy 

PulmoScan Brings Pulmonary Testing Closer to Patients​


PulmoScan is Designed for the Mobile Generation



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